Welcome to the EDM DrillMate Web Site!  We are the distributor for the EDM DrillMate 20 Series, 30 Series and 40 Series.  Our company offers the most complete line of hole drilling machines and accessories anywhere!

The EDM DrillMate, today's solution to producing precision, high speed holes at an economical price. The EDM DrillMate's ability to use ordinary tap water as dielectric, coupled with a high pressure air system, provide for excellent flush and stability at the electrode during the burn. This makes set up and operation more user friendly and keeps work free of oils or other contaminates.

The user friendly control allows simple input of cutting variables. Included is an audible edge find, voltmeter to monitor stableness of burn and Programmable Digital Readout for ease of positioning.

A standard feature with all EDM DrillMate models is a Power Back Slide (W Axis) for additional travel to accommodate increased part thickness.

A standard hand held remote pendant aids operator during set up when close visual inspection is necessary. Auxiliary Flush provides continuous cleaning of die guide and work piece and aids electrode entry and breakthrough.

Store up to 100 programmable electrode settings. (999 on Model 430i) This “learn as it burns�technology adjusts current automatically to enhance breakthrough, decrease electrode wear and burn time efficiently.

If you would like more information about any of our EDM DrillMate models and their features please contact us.

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